Choosing the best epilator for removing hair

What is an epilator?

An epilator is made of tweezer or metal plates which are fixed on a barrel that rotates at a high speed. The tweezers open and close to grab the hair and remove it.

Hair is removed from the roots and hence it is better than shaving.

Areas for using

Epilators can be used in most parts including face and underarms. Also unlike laser this does not depend on tone of the skin or hair color.

Tips for using epilator

The epilator should be run upward against hair direction.

Do not use it on long hair. Trim it first if the hair is long.

Do not use any cream before epilating. This will cause hair getting slipped while removal and will give bad results.

Applying powder before using the epilator on the skin helps. It makes the epilator glide.

Skin is desensitized after a warm bath so that would be the best time to use the appliance.

Rubbing the skin to lift the hair helps in epilating.

Exfoliating skin after using the epilator helps in making the skin smooth. Using a moisturizer is also good.

How often to use

It would depend on various factors like hair growth, skin type etc. But a general approach of 4 weeks gap can be assumed.

Tips for buying

You should consider the price, weight, reliability, battery longevity and ease of use when buying an epilator.

Best Epilators

These are the best five epilators available in market today.