Tricks to Extend the Life of Your Hardwood Floors


Wood floors are one of the most common options when choosing a type of floor due to its versatility, design, texture, price and even species, however, it requires a very special care.

Also known as "Parquet", wooden floors date back to the time when marble was needed to be replaced, so solid wood was used in the construction of large buildings. Nonetheless, its usage was extended and today it is common to see a small house or apartment with this type of floor, especially because its surface is thicker and more resistant than others.

Cleaning wooden floors is a delicate task and can be quite intimidating owing to the sensitivity of this material to moisture and to most chemicals. In the same way, the use of the correct mops when cleaning hardwood floors is extremely significant for its conservation. For that reason, it is important to follow general recommendations and a decent cleaning method to maintain its good condition and appearance.

Suggestions for preserving wood floors:

  • As a rule, keep the floor free of moisture. Wood is highly sensitive to liquids since its main components absorb them and these can cause their expansion, lifting and even their total destruction.
  • Clean the dust recurrently to prevent its particles from causing damage or deterioration in the material. For this, it is advisable to use vacuum cleaners with soft bristle brushes to avoid scratching the floor.
  • Keep its veneer impeccable because this is the main protection of the wood. Therefore, you should never drag any type of furniture on the wooden floor to prevent the varnish from being removed.
  • Avoid using high-heeled, stiletto heel or other shoes that can damage the surface.
  • Forget products with high chemical percentage or acids. Detectors or cleaners based on neutral PH are the most recommended to work with this type of floors. In the same way, it is always important to apply a slight portion as a test on a small part of the floor in order to know how the material will react to the product. Oil-based products are not suggested because they allow lint and other particles to adhere to the wood.
  • Evade direct exposure of wooden floors to sunlight; this could cause discoloration and wear. Although it should be noted that wood always experiences a change in color as a natural process as a result of its contact to natural or artificial light for the first time.
  • Use a special cloth or towel for wood, it means, is has to be made of delicate and soft material to be used during drying or removal of dust on floors.

Following these general lines, the maintenance and conservation of your wooden floors is a far less complicated task. In addition to this, we also have the polishing; polishing the floors lengthens their life and manage a more radiant and elegant appearance in our home, there are companies dedicated specifically to this type of work, however, many times, we can perform this activity by ourselves following the correct steps and knowing the best polishing products for solid wood floors.

Remember that there are also natural products that can be of great help when cleaning wooden floors, these include vinegar and baking soda, which can be applied on the floors as they are not corrosive and also contribute to disinfection of the surfaces.

All You Need to Know About Hot Tub Pump’s

Why you need a good hot tub pump

A good hot top pump is really the hart of a hot tub. The perfect example is that of a water pump for a swimming pool. Big swimming pools need big water pumps, this is no difference for a hot tub. It will filter the water and will not harm your skin with chemicals or other harmful cleaning solutions. A hot tub, just is not complete without the accurate water pump. Some of the best quality water pumps can be found here. A filter pump is often called a pool pump or a pool vacuum cleaner. It will remove al dirt, leafs and insects effectively from the surface. There are a lot of different hot tub pumps out there and a test pannel chose some of the best pumps and reviewed these along the way. This way you will not have to test these hot tub pump’s all by yourself. It can be a real hassle to go to a hot tub supplier, which is not on the internet and get a realistic picture. How many people know about hot tub pump’s? I guess not a lot.  

Benefits of a good hot tub pump

The benefits of a good hot tub pumpbegins at the quality of any product, it will last longer. The best  hot tub pumps work with a sand filter and deliver optimal efficacy. This also results in a longer life span. Some people work with chlorine tablets which is harmful for the hot tub and yourself. It is a biting chemical which destroys everything in the hot tub. The best way to not use chlorine tablets is to filter the water with a good quality pump. This way the hot tub lasts longer and the water will be cleaned without any chlorine.  

A good hot tub pump can be used in any kind of hut tub, wooden, plastic or aluminium. It will make sure you can relax and use your hot tub in the most hygienic conditions. A wooden hot tub needs to be filled with water 24/7, because the wood will dry out when there is no water in it. A good hot tub pump will make sure that even with the smallest amount of water, you can use it right away.

One of the best ways to tackle the problem is to do it at home instead of going to salon which can be time consuming and also requires more money.

Hair removal at home

There are newer methods of hair removal that are being discovered and it’s becoming more convenient and less painful than the ways in earlier days. The newer methods also are becoming more long lasting which lets you reduce the time spent on getting rid of hair.

Ways to get rid of unwanted hair


Going out and getting hair removed might be convenient but it takes a lot of time. Doing it at home is much more convenient given the tools that are available in the market.

Laser hair removal is one of the best ways to remove hair at home. It is permanent and suited for dark hair and light skin.
You can check more in our article on features and comparison of hair laser products.


Waxing has come a long way from earlier days when sticky wax was used. Nowadays the wax sticks only to hair which can be pressed by a cloth and yanked opposite to the hair growth direction.

This still is painful and hair again comes back. The hair also grows thicker by waxing. In the long run however the growth will reduce if you do it regularly.

Tweezing and threading

Tweezing and threading consume very long time. These are safest method of hair removal and best suited for eyebrows.


Bleaching colors your hair closer to the skin color. This is an option if hair is dark and not dense like in the face, neck or arms. Facial bleach should be used with care as they contain chemicals which can react with your skin.


Shaving is commonly used for legs and bikini line. The skin can become red so use a shaving gel for better results.

Shaving does not increase the growth rate of hair and this depends on hormones. Shaving should never be done on dry hair.


Epilator removes hair by mechanically grasping multiple hairs at once and pulling them out. These are better than shaving or tweezers.

You can check more at our article Choosing the best epilator


Electrolysis can remove facial hair though this is tedious and can be expensive. This can take up to 25 sessions which can be of 10 minutes.

You can also see Electrolysis for hair removal for all skin types and hair types.

Home electrolysis kits are available nowadays.

Types of hair to be commonly removed

Facial hair

There may be growth of facial hormone in women due to some hormonal disturbances.  The best ways to remove them are all of the ones listed above except shaving.


Tweeding and threading are best for eyebrows as not much hair is involved here.


Shaving is a good option here. It is important to have hair free armpits to wear sleeveless dresses and avoid sweating.

Legs and bikini line

Shaving is a good option here. Bikini wax can also be used.

You can also see Brazilian and bikini laser hair removal


Except shaving all other ways can be used.

Review of top Hair removal at home products

Tria Hair Removal Laser 4X

It has been cleared by FDA for home use. This uses the diode technology that the professional instruments also use to remove hair.

The treatments are supposed to be done after every 2 weeks. This removes hair up to 70% in first two treatments in the first month.  And after three months of treatment the hair follicles stop growing and the appliance needs to be used only for touch ups.You can easily use it on underarm, bikini, face, arms, and legs.

This is however suitable only for light to medium skin tones. The dark tones can absorb light faster and hence can damage skin.

The Tria Hair Removal Laser 4X works on naturally light brown to black body hair. The lighter hair colors such as white, blond, red, or gray will not absorb enough of the laser’s energy to disable the hair follicle.

The appliance may not be used on genitals as the skin there is sensitive.

The product gives excellent results and are generally recommended by people.

Silk’n Flash & go hair removal handheld device

Silk’n Flash&Go is a laser based appliance for removing undesired hair. This is similar to Tria Laser 4X and the same skin tones and treatment procedures are applicable here also.

Silk’n Flash&Go is cheaper than Tria and comes with a cartridge. A cartridge typically lasts for 1000 pulses.

Silk’n Flash & Go is tested to achieve 50% hair reduction after three months of treatment done every 2 weeks.

It has one of the largest treatment areas on a cartridge (4 centimeters). This lets you cover more areas of your body faster. It can work on entire face, neck, hands, armpits, chest, abdomen, legs, bikini, back and bottoms.

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